Auto Repair &  Maintenance 

Battery testing, charging, and replacement

Charging system diagnosis and repair

Wiring diagnosis and repair

Exterior lighting bulb replacement

Interior accessory diagnosis and repair

Plus much more

Oil changes, fluid exchanges 

Filter replacements

Belt and hose replacements

Plus much more.

Shock and strut replacement, tie rods, control arms, bushings 

Suspension noise diagnosis, handling diagnosis 

Plus much more

Flat repair, balancing, road force balancing. 

Tire sales, tire mounting

Winter tire sales, winter tire changeover

TPMS system diagnosis and repair, sensor relpacements

Plus much more



Cooling System


Transmission fluid and filter changes

Differential service

Axle replacement

Plus much more


Cooling system pressure testing

Radiator and fans

Overheating diagnosis and repair

Plus much more

Multi-Point Inspection

Brake pad, rotor, drum, and shoe measurements and replacement

Noise diagnosis and repair, hydraulic diagnosis and repair

ABS system diagnosis and repair

Plus much more

Have your vehicle checked when the seasons changed, or before a long roadtrip

Get an inspection report to add value to a vehicle you are selling

Bring us a vehicle you are considering buying 

Any time for peace of mind


Steering and Suspension



Can't make it to us? Have an emergency?

Car won't start? Call us anyway. We may be able to help you over the phone, or come to you at no extra cost. Free pickup and drop off service also available depending on schedule.

No-Start diagnosis and repair

Check engine light diagnosis

Tune ups, spark plugs, spark plug wires, coils

Sensor testing and replacement

Driveability diagnosis and repair

Plus much more